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9 Most Relaxing Singapore Beaches For a Perfect Break From Urban Life


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Before we jetted to Australia, we did a 10-day stopover in Singapore. While we thought it was too long to visit the city-island-nation, we did tons of sightseeing during our trip. Singapore has diverse neighborhoods and top-notch cleanliness for such an urbanized destination. And those immaculate conditions carried over to their beautiful beaches. 

Singapore gets hot, and every day feels like the perfect time for a beach escape. Fortunately, a pristine beach is never too far away in Singapore. Ride the train, catch a bus, or take a ferry, and you’re minutes from a cooling swim in crystal-clear water. And the relaxed vibe of Singapore’s beaches offers the perfect break from urban life. 

Whether you want seclusion or a simple place to swim, Singapore beaches offer something for everyone. The best beaches of Singapore have a unique mixture of tropical scenery and cityscapes to impress visitors. We’ve picked our 9 favorite Singapore beaches to help you find the best one for you.

When is the best time to visit Singapore beaches?

Singapore lies close to the equator and has a tropical climate. It’s hot and humid year-round, and it’s always warm enough for a beach day. However, rainfall could determine the ideal months for your Singapore beach vacation. Although rain can happen year-round, the wettest months tend to be November-January. The weather is more pleasant in February-March and April-July are the hottest months.

Temperature chart Singapore

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Top 9: Best Beaches Singapore

Despite its bustling metropolis, Singapore beaches boast a stunning collection of white and gold sand. Long coastlines on mainland Singapore give locals and tourists a break from urban life minutes away. And for more secluded escapes, offshore islands imitate a tropical paradise for beachgoers. If you’re looking for the most relaxing spots, these are our picks for the best beaches in Singapore.  

1. Tanjong Beach

Shady palm trees and tranquil waters make the double crescent Tanjong Beach a chill escape for beachgoers. Located near the southern tip of Sentosa, Tanjong offers the most solitude on the picturesque island. Escape to the tropical paradise on weekdays, and you’ll feel light-years from the nearby urban hustle. Local families often have picnics, and many people bring their dogs for a relaxing stroll. 

Grab a drink and bite to eat at the Tanjong Beach Club before finding your ideal spot on the soft sand. The beach bar also includes a swimming pool and lounge chairs with scenic views of the palm-fringed bay. Soft lights set the mood at night, and the Tanjong Beach Club sometimes hosts lively parties.

Ride the Sentosa Express to Beach Station, then hop on the Beach Tram to access Tanjong. The tram’s last stop puts you within a 5-minute walk from the idyllic shores of Tanjong Beach.

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2. Palawan Beach

Another dazzling shoreline on sunny Sentosa, Palawan Beach boasts an emerald lagoon for a refreshing swim. Walk the suspension bridge to access the sandy strip across the lagoon and lounge beneath the palm trees. If you’re up for it, try swimming to the tiny island instead of using the bridge. Beach bars keep the drinks coming as you sink your toes into the fine sand beside the sparkling water. 

Palawan entices photographers for its striking sunset views against the lush vegetation and white sands. Two towers overlook the lagoon and offer breathtaking aerial views of the sun-kissed shoreline. And standing atop the towers high above the beach marks the southernmost point in Continental Asia. Just hop off the Southernmost Point Beach Tram stop or ride the beach shuttle from Beach Station.

3. Punggol Beach

Head north to Punggol Point Park and discover one of the most secluded beaches in Singapore. Punggol Beach ditches the urban crowds of the concrete jungle and treats visitors to a coastal paradise. From Punggol MRT Station, hop on Bus 84 to arrive at Punggol Point Park. Follow the signs from the jetty to find a group of large boulders scattered along the sandy shores. 

Crystal-clear waters lap against the white sands as trees offer respite from the heat. Photographers love snapping pictures at sunset as the surreal colors sparkle atop the waterways. Walk the shores during low tide, and you may encounter turtles and other sea creatures. Locals fish from the pier, and this vantage gives you spectacular portside views of Malaysia.

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4. St. John’s Island

Cruise to this offshore island to bask in a tropical paradise of golden sands, mangroves, and turquoise waters. A day trip to St. John’s Island requires preparations, but you’ll disembark on an unspoiled Singapore beach. Head to the Marina South Pier early to ride the ferry to the southern island. Before setting off on your beach day, assure you know the departure time of the last ferry to return. 

Pack a lunch to have a peaceful picnic beside the turquoise lagoons. Forested trails from the sandy shores could lead to awe-inspiring wildlife encounters if you’re lucky. From St. John’s Island Beach, enjoy the impressive cityscapes of mainland Singapore. Other than restrooms, you won’t find any amenities in this picturesque escape from the urban hustle.

5. Lazarus Island

If you cruise to St. John’s Island, don’t miss the sugar-white sands and turquoise waters of Lazarus Island. Sailboats and catamarans fill the crescent bay, and lush vegetation adorns the glistening shoreline. Despite the soft sands and crystalline waters, Lazarus Beach receives few visitors. Nature lovers can take quiet strolls and sunbathe without the noise of hectic crowds. 

Lazarus Island is accessible from St. John’s Island with a short walk across a concrete bridge. When you disembark the ferry from the Marina South Pier, a trail from the bridge leads to the beach. But bring everything you need since there are zero amenities on this pristine shoreline.

6. Pulau Ubin

Nature lovers will find bliss via a short cruise from the Changi Point Ferry Terminal. Pulau Ubin draws images of village life in Singapore with no modern infrastructure on the island. Head to the Chek Jawa Wetlands to find total seclusion and pretend you’re living in a tropical jungle. 

Coastal forests and mangroves cover the nature preserve to hide you from human civilization. Emerald lagoons make refreshing swimming holes, and jutting piers reveal beautiful cityscapes. Wildlife abounds in the wetlands, and you could encounter monkeys, wild boars, and monitor lizards. That wild feeling of Pulau Ubin makes it a Singapore beach escape that entices adventurous travelers.

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7. East Coast Beach

If you can’t sit still, East Coast Beach is a Singapore favorite for exciting aquatic activities. After lounging on the golden shores, grab a kayak or windsurf board to enjoy the waves. But East Coast Beach draws joggers, bikers, and picnickers to its long shoreline. Although it’s popular amongst locals, the 15 km of sandy coastline provides tons of space for a quiet spot. 

East Coast Park has a jetty, skate park, and equipment rentals for an active day overlooking the Singapore Strait. Food stands and BBQ pits help you organize a delicious beachside meal. Showers help you rinse off after sunbathing or swimming in the serene waters. And for an overnight stay on East Coast Beach, camping spots let you sleep to the sound of crashing waves. 

To access East Coast Beach on public transport, take the train to the Bedok MRT Station. From there, ride Bus 401 to arrive steps from the beach. 

8. Changi Beach

Just a 5-7 minute walk from the Changi Point Ferry Terminal, Changi Beach has a more rustic vibe, unlike other Singapore beaches. Part of the wonder is Changi Beach being one of the rare natural beaches left in Singapore. While the man-made shores are beautiful, Changi feels like a more authentic beach escape. The shoreline sits next to Changi Airport, so you can sunbathe while watching planes taking off and landing. 

Spend the evening by watching the sunset and cooking a savory meal at one of the BBQ pits. Cyclists ride along the beach, and kayakers paddle in the tranquil waters just offshore. The adjacent Changi Beach Park preserves a traditional “kampung” to reminisce on simpler times in Asia. The 3.3 km park has camping sites to fall asleep to the soothing breeze and gentle waves against the shore.

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9. Pasir Ris Beach

Walk amongst the mangrove forests beyond the Wild Wild Wet waterpark to find this scenic beach escape. The palm-fringed shores attract nature lovers searching for a quiet afternoon or cooling swim. Sea adventurers can kayak offshore while the Mangrove Boardwalk offers relief from the heat.

With 6.6 km of space, Pasir Ris is among the best camping beaches in Singapore. Wander the unspoiled forests by day, then wind down by watching the sunset against the waterways. Pitch your tent and enjoy your time away from the busy streets across the island. Ride the train to the Pasir Ris Station and take Bus 403 to access this peaceful Singapore beach.  

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FAQ top beaches in singapore

Why are Singapore beaches dirty?

Singapore beaches are full of trash from offshore platforms, big ships and fish farms. But if you visit the beaches on Sentosa (Palawan and Tanjong) you will have clean and white sanded beaches.

Is it safe to swim at Changi Beach?

The water Changi beach is classified as good quality, so it’s totally safe for a swim.

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These were our choices for the 9 most relaxing beaches in Singapore. If you have questions or know other amazing beaches, please leave a comment below. For more information about Singapore, please visit our Singapore Travel Page. Or check our travel tips for more general travel information!

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